• Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
  • Schedule: Day shift, Monday to Friday
  • Pay: £18.00 to £21.00 per year
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Key Tasks

·        Sort incoming post, packages, newspapers, magazines and journals into the correct tray or pigeonhole for a person or department.

·        Deliver these items to the right people or department.

·        Collect outgoing post, packages, and other items.

·        Deliver these internally, or frank and bag them up for external mail collection.

·        Deliver urgent items or packages to other businesses, or other offices of their own organisation.

·        Take urgent special items to the post office - for instance, for special delivery within the UK, or international express.

·        Barrier Control and visitor management

·        Admin duties as and when required.

The receptionist must keep up to date with post office dispatch systems, as well as current domestic and international postage rates. They must be aware of security systems and their employer's procedure to follow if they find a suspicious looking package.

The receptionist may have to deliver items personally to other businesses and organisations. These could include very urgent letters or financial documents. They may have to get a signature when delivering these to prove that they have been received.

Other tasks may include:

·        Administrative tasks, such as photocopying, filing, and maintaining records - for instance, of special deliveries or the circulation of specific items.

·        Arranging rooms for meetings and building coordination announcements

The receptionist will have to use franking machines, as well as other equipment such as photocopiers.

Most of the work is indoors. The receptionist will be based in reception but move around the whole building when delivering or collecting. At your site they may have to collect and deliver items between offices.

The work will involve a lot of standing and walking. Trolleys or carts can be used for collection and delivery. This may also involve lifting or carrying larger items and equipment.

The successful applicant would need to wear agreed uniform & PPE.


Qualities & skills

·        Be reliable, conscientious, accurate and honest.

·        Have good communication skills.

·        Be able to read addresses and decipher poor handwriting and spelling quickly.

·        Be physically fit for the job.

·        Be able to remember names, faces and locations.

·        Have a methodical approach.

·        Be capable of working to deadlines.

·        Be well organized.

·        Be able to work without supervision at times, but also work well as part of a team.

·        Be fully aware of relevant security, health, and safety issues.


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