Cyber Threat & Internet Safety

Our Service Expertise

Cyber-crime is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry; your data is of value to many other companies who may use a variety of methods to steal or misuse it. SecuriGroup understands that with companies relying on their information systems more than ever, and with data becoming an increasingly important and valuable business tool, it is essential that a company’s data is securely protected from loss, theft or corruption.

Our Focus

It is our focus to work with our clients and with our IT partners to minimise the risk of loss of data, and will protect your systems from becoming compromised by cyber criminals. From physical access control systems to detailed data protection processes (including training for staff with access to sensitive information), we tailor our services to each client’s data security requirements and priorities.

Our Capabilities

SecuriGroup collaborates with industry-leading data management companies who help us identify potential threats to our clients’ IT operations and to draw up appropriate protection and contingency plans. This allows us to be prepared for any eventuality, ensuring business continuity for our clients even in the case of data being lost or damaged.

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