SecuriGroup's Got Talent

Thank you for being brave and taking the time to enter into our competition. We are currently filming a new induction video, which will be shown to all new staff that we welcome into our company. 

The best of the bunch will be chosen to appear in the official company induction video - and the winners will receive a bonus £25 voucher.

What you need to do: 
  • Make sure you are in uniform
  • Set up the camera to film landscape (as in the example below)
  • Read the following 4 statements clearly, at a natural pace

Once you are happy with your video, please send it to via WeTransfer using the link below - and good luck!

Please note: If you don't send the video by WeTransfer, we might not receive it.
Videos tend to have very large file sizes and may not reach us if you email them directly.
Please use WeTransfer to make sure your video is sent to us.

Line 1: First impressions matter. We make it our mission to do more than just turn up for work. Even in challenging times, we look our best and be our best.

Line 2: Everyone wants to enjoy their work and return home safely. We look after our colleagues and ourselves by being in the know about Health and Safety.

Line 3: Teamwork really does make the dream work here at SecuriGroup. We pride ourselves on the excellent community and team effort we have created with our colleagues and clients.

Line 4: You can write the recipe for your own success story. We all used different ingredients to get where we are today by not being afraid to ask for help, making an active difference in our roles, and taking control of our own progress.

Below is an example video of Line 1: