SecuriGroup at LG Headquarters

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SecuriGroup at LG Headquarters

At the beginning of February, SecuriGroup welcomed a new addition to our client portfolio: the Lifestyle and Electronics giant, LG. SecuriGroup coordinates all security measures for LG's new UK and European Headquarters in Weybridge, Surrey, helping to ensure the tech company operates at full capacity.

Having relocated from their previous UK HQ in Slough, LG is now housed at a state-of-the-art complex at Brooklands – the site of the world famous banked Brooklands motor racing circuit. The modern building boasts many technological and architectural advantages, which has helped to support the security measures in place, ultimately allowing SecuriGroup to continuously operate above and beyond.

As the logistical headquarters for their entire UK operation, the new Weybridge site houses sensitive data – in both physical and digital formats - which must be kept secure at all times. The security model deployed by SecuriGroup matches the demand for such a stringent safeguard. Our personnel carry out effective patrols throughout the complex, whilst supported by our 24/7 Control Centre, guaranteeing the custody of all sensitive information ensuring it remains within the building. 

As we continue to work together, aligning our professional ethos and values, SecuriGroup and LG's partnership will continue to grow from strength to strength. As a business model, LG conducts its day-to-day business through the constant development of capability based on ethical management; SecuriGroup embraces this approach as we continue to offer bespoke security solutions that align themselves with the values of our clients.