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Crime Prevention at Licensed Premises

Protecting Your Premises
It is likely that this is the first time that your premises will be closed for an extended period, and it is vital that you take steps to protect against vandalism, criminal damage and theft of stock. The current restrictions on movement means you should only travel when it is absolutely necessary, so it is important that you introduce measures that offer you peace of mind.

Best Practice Guidance

The risk to your premises will naturally be dependent on its location, building type and profile. Taking the following steps will make your premises more secure: 

  • Always start with the basics, ensure that all windows and doors are locked and secure. Use shutters or grilles if you have them.
  • If you can, ensure there is sufficient lighting around the premises to act as a deterrent.
  • Notify your insurance company that your premises will be unoccupied for an extended period and check whether your policy has any relevant conditions.
  • Test and set your intruder and fire alarms and check that any monitoring arrangements remain in place.
  • Check that your CCTV systems are working and that you have sufficient data storage. If applicable, check that the system can be remotely monitored to allow you to carryout periodic checks.
  • Where possible, remove all stock from view and secure it in a locked cellar or storeroom.
  • Arrange for gaming machines to be emptied and switched off.
  • If you have a carpark, take measures to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Ensure the collection of any refuse or waste that could be targeted by arsonists.
  • Remove all keys from the premises and ensure that only designated staff have access. In case of emergency, make sure there’s a list of keyholders who can be contacted.
Ready To Support You

The UK Government has categorised security personnel as ‘critical workers’ during this period of restricted movement. SGL is ready to support your business by providing a range of services to help protect your premises during these extraordinary times, they include:

SIA Licensed Security Officers
Temporary Alarm and CCTV Systems with Remote Monitoring
Key Holding and Emergency Response
Alarm and CCTV Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Monitoring
Vacant Property Inspections
Boarding Up and Warning Signage

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