SecuriGroup at the Security Institute's Annual Conference

The Training & Development Manager and National Operations Support Manager for SecuriGroup recently attended the SyI Annual Conference.


At SecuriGroup, we realise that people are our greatest asset. Today reaffirmed how important the human element is to providing effective layers of security, deterring threat actors, and ultimately mitigating risk.

Rob Kennedy, SecuriGroup Training & Development Manager

The theme of the conference this year was 'People-Centred Security' and was split into four sections:

People and Security Culture

Dr Paul Martin CBE opened this section, as the former head of the CPNI he explained the 'Rules of Security' he has formed over his incredible career.

A speaker from the CPNI then provided a fascinating insight into the importance of personnel security.

Inspiration and Influence

Tania Martin, NaCTSO, provided an update on the current terrorism threats and the evolution of 'Protect and Prepare' over time.

The Security Institute also provided an update about the Next Generation in Security initiative and their partnership with EY

Diversity and Investment in People

Ian Todd, Chief Executive of the SIA, provided an update regarding the planned changes for SIA training starting in April 2020. 

Dr Victor Olisa, QPM provided a fascinating insight from his distinguished career, highlighting the importance that diversity within workforces provides resilience.

Collaborative Teams

This section involved some engaging and valuable advice from Alembic Strategy as to how to get the best from security teams.

Professor Martin Gill then provided a fascinating update regards his learning gained from interviewing offenders which highlighted that criminology is key to good security. 

The day was then rounded off by a Q&A panel session.

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