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Corporate Guarding
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SecuriGroup delivers security initiatives to research, development and information sites for Citrix in Chalfont Park and Cambridge. Working in collaboration with property management company Mace Macro, our security services are tailored to the needs of the site: innovations developed for Citrix have included mail room duties, environmental patrols and redesigned security officer roles with an enhanced customer service focus.

Citrix Client Understanding

Client Understanding

As a high-profile data protection company, Citrix required a security solution based on confidentiality and restricted access. By understanding the wider context in which Data Centres operate, new challenges faced by critical sites, and the unique demands of their environments, SecuriGroup was able to offer Citrix a solution which could fully ensure the protection of both client and company data.

Citrix Operational Delivery

Operational Delivery

SecuriGroup carried out a full site audit and security review of each Citrix site, allowing us to redesign the security plan into a more efficient operation. This two day audit, valued at £7,000, was performed by SecuriGroup Operations Director Allan Burnett QPM at no cost to the client. It produced of a list of recommendations which addressed all vulnerabilities with expert resolutions and improvements, which has resulted in a higher level of service and positive feedback from the client.

SecuriGroup has provided an excellent service for Citrix. Their hard work and dedication to the contract has been exceptional. SecuriGroup act in a professional and supportive manner in terms of people, finances and process, and the standard of staff working on our contract and last minute requests is very high: all officers take ownership of their work.’

-Maria Russel, Facilities Manager, CBRE/Citrix

Citrix Mobilisation


To meet Citrix’s specific requirements, SecuriGroup has developed a dual role approach. This is the Facilities Support Officer role, a redesigned security officer role, which supports a number of additional duties. By making their security tasks more efficient, we are better equipped to support additional requirements such as concierge services, gritting, meter readings, and general site upkeep.

Citrix Results


As a result of our successful initiatives at critical Citrix sites we achieved a 10% savings in operational costs. By making the existing security coverage more efficient and tailored, we were able to optimise site resources and eliminate redundant costs.

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