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BrewDog was founded in 2007 as a response to the industrial, mass-produced beers that were dominating the market. From a small market stall selling original craft beers, they have grown to become a household name, with bars across the world including Tokyo, London, and Barcelona. SecuriGroup provides door supervision services to BrewDog bars across the UK, having developed alongside them since 2010.

BrewDog Client Understanding

Client Understanding

SecuriGroup has been working in partnership with BrewDog since they opened their first bar in Aberdeen in 2010. Since then, we have worked in close collaboration as they opened several other bars throughout the UK, growing to become a £30m organisation and an international market leader in the booming craft beer industry.

BrewDog Operational Delivery

Operational Delivery

Our approach to security at all BrewDog sites has been carefully tailored to suit the strong and distinctive values of the brand. We deploy highly trained ‘Security Hosts’ to all UK locations, who integrate with the friendly and contemporary feel of the bars whilst providing a robust security service which can ensure the safety of all visitors.

It has been great to work with a company whose ambition matches our own, and one we have been able to use throughout the entire UK.

- Bruce Gray, Project Manager, BrewDog

BrewDog Mobilisation


BrewDog continues to expand with the opening of their latest bars across the country, including Southampton, Norwich and several London locations. SecuriGroup will continue to deliver our industry-leading security services at new locations throughout the UK, working closely with BrewDog to develop a tailored mobilisation plan for every new site.

BrewDog Results


Across almost 30 bars, including their latest food venture, DogHouse, BrewDog consistently relies on SecuriGroup to deliver outstanding door supervision services. As they continue to expand and grow on both the national and international stage, we increase our provision accordingly, with new staff being recruited and deployed to new cities on a regular basis.

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