Stay Safe this Festive Season

Stay Safe this Festive Season

​The festive season is now upon us: a time for family, and celebration. Whether you intend to spend your Christmas and New Year partying, shopping, travelling or staying at home, it is important you prioritise the safety of yourself and those around you.

As this is the busiest time of year for the leisure industry, be sure to plan your nights out in advance.

Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged and remember to take it out with you. Your phone is key to letting your friends and family know your whereabouts should you happen to get split up from your party or run into difficulty on your travels home. 

Decide how you will get home and make sure you have sufficient funds for your journey. If you need to use a taxi, be sure to book in advance from a reputable company, or, alternatively, make use of licensed taxi ranks, such as SecuriGroup's 'NiteZones' where our Taxi Marshals can assist you in getting home safely and efficiently. Try to stay in trusted company and never end nights out alone.

If you are out socialising and celebrating in pubs and clubs, stay with your group and be aware of your alcohol intake. Do not leave any drinks unattended and do not accept drinks from strangers. Pace yourself. 

Should you or someone in your group begin to experience the negative effects of alcohol in a licensed venue, seek assistance from the nearest Steward or Door Supervisor – all of SecuriGroup's leisure staff are skilled on how to support vulnerable people and direct appropriate action.

Remember to also keep your home safe at this time of year. By leaving a light on when you are out to keeping presents and valuables out of clear sight, you will enhance the security of your property and possessions. Have awareness of your social media footprint: do not broadcast specifics about when or where you are heading out and leaving your home vacant. 

The winter months brings the possibility of inclement weather which can affect your safety out on the road. Conduct simple vehicle checks prior to driving, ensuring no damage to your tyres, brakes, lights and wiper blades. 

By remembering these small and simple tips, you can be assured of a safe and memorable festive period.

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