Remember Remember the 5th of November - Busiest Events Weekend

Remember Remember the 5th of November - Busiest Events Weekend

With fireworks and bonfires drawing crowds out in celebration of November 5th, SecuriGroup experienced one of its busiest and most challenging weekends in this year's events calendar. Our events department strategically organised the deployment of security professionals stretching the length and breadth of the UK, as SecuriGroup's regular line-up of events coincided with the annual Guy Fawkes celebrations.

In the last three years November the 5th has garnered more and more popularity across local councils and communities, building on the demand for a safer solution to manage crowd numbers and event organisers. Having built strong and effective relationships with a number of local authorities, SecuriGroup has been quick to respond to the growing demand for a safer event environment.

When devising a lucrative strategy to plan the weekend's events, SecuriGroup first ensured that the deployment of stewards to our regularly scheduled events was achieved with full resilience. This included multiple football matches from the north to south of Scotland, Edinburgh Zoo events, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Braehead Arena who received excellent support with the World Series of Darts.

SecuriGroup then worked on sourcing the best staff who were able to travel the length of the UK to support the many bonfire events hosted by local communities. Most notably, SecuriGroup deployed a workforce of 135 security personnel to the River of Light celebrations in Liverpool, which gathered crowds by the thousands and included a complex performance by Les Commandos, whose clash of drums introduced the event with our event security escorting them through the main streets.

Due to the detailed planning of all events, and communication between our project managers and operations experts, SecuriGroup was able to deliver the best possible security solution to all events. The achievement of deploying multiple numbers across the UK is an example of SecuriGroup's resilient approach to event management, helping establish the security organisation as a UK leader in the industry.